Alfred Tennyson is relatively unknown in Poland, and certainly not as famous as his elder fellow romantics Shelley, Keats and Coleridge. Meanwhile, in his native England his Enoch Arden is regarded as a classic example of Victorian literature. The festival brings the story back to life with a spectacle intertwining music by Richard Strauss with performances by professional and amateur actors. The poem is something of an antithesis of the Odyssey: the fisherman Enoch returns home after an absence of more than ten years, and finds that his wife, believing him long dead, is now happily married to another man. The play is directed by Mira Mańka, student at the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, with Dominika Peszko on piano.

Author of the text: Alfred Tennyson
Directed by: Mira Mańka
Piano: Dominika Peszko

Directed and dramaturgy: Mira Mańka
Choreography: Paul Gogol
Lighting director: Katarzyna Smożewska
Video: Antoni Luc
Assistant director: Sofia Teslenko

Krzysztof Drozdowski
Ivan Patin
Oleh Kyryliv
Eugeniusz Diaczkow
Pavlo Riabkow
Sławomir Rokita
Grzegorz Łukawski
Jacek Łukaszewski


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