The title of Rossini's opera „Sigismondo”, the events of which take place close to a certain historic king of Poland, suggests Sigismund I the Old, Sigismund II Augustus, or Sigismnd III Vasa as the protagonist. However, the author of the libretto, instead of describing events from the biographies of actual rulers, created a fictional king from the Piast dynasty ruling in a country with the capital in Gniezno. The work, full of artistic virtuosity and vocal fireworks, from the year 1814, will be shown in Poland for the first time; it will be directed by Krystian Lada, winner of the MORTIER Next Generation award given every two years to a young artist who proved their unique talent in the beginning of their career. The Capella Cracoviensis shall be conducted by Jan Tomasz Adamus, and the cast includes a range of stars, headed by renowned countertenor Franco Fagioli in the title role.

Sigismondo: Franco Fagioli
Aldimira: Francesca Chiejina
Ulderico & Zenovito: Kenneth Kellogg
Ladislao: Pablo Bemsch
Anagilda: Marzena Lubaszka
Radoski: Bartosz Gorzkowski

Capella Cracoviensis Choir
Orchestra: Capella Cracoviensis

Conductor: Jan Tomasz Adamus
Concept and direction: Krystian Lada
Stage design and costumes: Natalia Kitamikado
Light direction: Maarten Warmerdam
Director’s assistants: Ewa Mikuła, Maarten Heijnens
Visualizations: Jagoda Chalcińska
Casting: Marzena Lubaszka


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