C. Monteverdi, T. Rożynek „Il ballo delle Ingrate”

„The Ballet of the Female Ingrates” („Il ballo delle Ingrate”) is a unique work by Monteverdi. Maintaining the style of French ballets de cour, it was created for the wedding of the son or prince Vincenzo Gonzaga and forms a kind of reverse morality play, in which ancient gods, Venus, Amor and Pluto remand „ingrate” women, meaning, those who shun love, to use life and love passionately, or they be awaited by a grim fate in the depths of hell. In the staging in Kraków, Monteverdi's work will be amended by compositions of young Polish composed Teoniki Rożynek. Her music was described as „having the power to create images” and „seems to be sculpted directly out of tonal matter”, and cinemagoers can remember her from the soundtrack to the much-praised film „Tower. A bright day” by Jagoda Szelc. The show will be directed by Magda Szpecht, belonging to the same generation as the composer. This time, the Capella Cracoviensis shall be headed by one of Poland's most interesting harpsichordists – Marcin Świątkiewicz.

Composer: Teoniki Rożynek
Director: Magda Szpecht
Scenography: Janek Simon
Costumes: NN
Sound: spectogram.com
Director’s Assistant: Natalia Orkisz
Set design and costumes: Jan Simon

Soprano: Jolanta Kowalska-Pawlikowska
Alto: Vincenzo Capezzuto, Ilona Szczepańska
Tenor: Piotr Windak
Bass: Jerzy Butryn


Violin: Zofia Wojniakiewicz, Beata Nawrocka
Viola: Jacek Dumanowski Teresa Wydrzyńska
Cello: Konrad Górka
Theorbo: Andreas Arend
Harpsichord / Conductor: Marcin Świątkiewicz

The co-organizer of the performance is: Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK


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