A further interesting „polonicum” in the programme of the Opera Rara Festival. There is probably no person in Poland who had in primarily school not heard the story of Wanda who shunned the German. This history is the vantage point for the librettists of the opera by Antonín Dvořák. The dislike in Polish-German relations stems from a religious conflict. Queen Wanda is a true follower of Slavic gods and does not consent to a betrothal proposal by a German prince, and, alongside, to Christianity, which is opposed by the people. She is shown as a brave leader who dives into the Vistula as shee promised the gods earlier that she will sacrifice her life in exchange for victory over an enemy army. The direction of the rarely staged opera by the Czech Romance composer is undertaken by Karolina Sofulak. This recipient of the European Opera-directing Prize staged in Poland the famous „Faust” by Gounod (Grand Theatre in Poznań), however, she mainly works abroad, among others at the Royal Opera House, the English National Opera, the Opera Holland Park or the Opéra National de Bordeaux. The difficult and rich score is taken on by the Sinfonietta Cracovia and the conductor for the orchestra, Jurek Dybał.

Vanda: Adriana Kučerová
Bożena: Magdalena Wachowska
Homena: Matylda Staśto-Kotuła
Slavoj: Piotr Buszewski
Lumir: Łukasz Klimczak
Roderich: Sebastian Szumski
Velkoknez: Michał Dembiński
Deputy: Jakub Pawlik

Polish Radio Choir
Choir preparation: Maria Piotrowska – Bogalecka
Orchestra: Sinfonietta Cracovia
Conductor: Jurek Dybał
Conductor’s assistants: Mieczysław Unger, Jan Stańczyk

Director: Karolina Sofulak
Stage design and lights: George Johnson-Leigh
Choreography: Katarzyna Zielonka i Jarosław Staniek
Costumes: George Johnson-Leigh
Director’s assistants: Szymon Komarnicki, Darek Meclik

Dance: Katarzyna Gocał, Karol Pruciak


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