• Creation of Man according to Garbaczewski

    Limitations won’t limit the intensity of sound This chamber opera, composed by Philip Glass in 1980, is not at all reminiscent of his two earlier famous stage works: Einstein on the Beach and Satyagraha, with delightfully defined characters and a documentary plot. A madrigal opera, on the other hand, is not an opera in a […]
  • Psychology of emotions

    Masquerades, costumes and dangerous switches The carnival – the time of entertainment, masked balls, and… the Opera Rara Festival. A time when our social standards and rules cease to apply. Cosi fan tutte gets rid of this corset of moral obligations and injunctions. Farce, cynicism and irony are combined here with poetic undertones, while the […]
  • So as not to obscure the Sun with one’s shadow. Premieres of Cassandra and Just at Cricoteka

    Our contemporary Troy Tomasz Cyz managed to build a timeless dialogue around the cantata composed for alto and basso continuo, in which the mythical prophetess Cassandra tells the story of the final years of the Trojan War – a dialogue between the libretto and the poetry of contemporary authors: Anna Kamieńska, Zbigniew Herbert, Alice Oswald, […]
  • With elegance worthy of France

    Old works reprised anew Sjaron Minailo created the spectacle with elegance worthy of France, all while maintaining a balance between music, libretto and movement, thus proving that it is possible to build a bridge between the past and tradition spanning centuries with contemporary interpretation. This harmonious play, created with respect for music, is a tribute […]
  • Cassandra & Just: Opera Rara plays with contrasts

    The Cassandra Complex Cassandra is a large cantata, composed in 1727 by Benedetto Marcelli for alto and basso continuo. The libretto was based on the poetry by Antonio Schinelli Conte, who joined the composer to create a series of experimental cantatas inspired by Greek mythology, and in the case of this work – Homer’s Iliad. Cassandra – […]
  • Opera Rara 2019 – programme of accompanying events

    1st of February 2019 (Friday), 5:00 p.m. De Revolutionibus Books&Cafe | Bracka 14 Neverending Drama – Ancient Love  How did the ancient idea of love evolve? In what way was it reflected in the European cultural texts of various epochs? What does opera have to do with all of this? We are going to welcome a number […]
  • Experiment or tradition? Contemporaneity or history?

    Back to world stages The course of almost two hundred years (1587-1740) was marked by the creation of about four hundred operas, half of which have survived to our times, and in recent decades only a few dozen of them were staged, recorded on stage, released on CDs or performed during concerts. This repertoire still […]


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