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Staging performances

20.01 19.00

The Song of the Night & Erwartung

Juliusz Slowacki Theatre , Plac Świętego Ducha 1

Evelina Dobračeva – soprano
Andrzej Lampert – tenor
Paweł Świątek – director
Barbara Olech – choreography
Wojciech Marcinkowski – dance
Capella Cracoviensis – choir
Kraków Festival Orchestra – ensemble
Michał Dworzyński – conductor

90 minutes (with intermission)

Kup bilet
Staging performances

After the Baroque inauguration of the festival we will be transferred to the 20th century. We continue the idea launched in 2017 to combine classical music with productions by young stage directors, who have not been associated with opera so far. In 2018 the stage will be given to Paweł Świątek. After Halka staged at the previous edition, this time we will also stay with Polish music. 

The Song of the Night & Erwartung will be the first of the two productions prepared especially for the Opera Rara Festival. We will plunge into a mystical night witnessing the tragedy of a singer looking for her lover (who has abandoned her heartlessly), but her effort is doomed to failure. In the second part we will be transferred into the world of Persian poetry. 

Outstanding soloists - Evelina Dobračeva in Erwartung and Andrzej Lampert in The Song of the Night – will be accompanied by the Krakow Festival Orchestra, a symphonic orchestra created especially for the festival concerts and combining the experience of musicians from all over Poland, along with the Capella Cracoviensis Choir. All that under the baton of Michał Dworzyński.

We would like to kindly inform you that the concert contains elements of nudity and is not intended for the youngest viewers. Please respect the artistic vision of the director.



Arnold Schoenberg - „Erwartung” op. 17 
Karol Szymanowski - Symphony No. 3 „The Song of the Night”