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Concert version

06.02 19.00

Natalia Kawałek: Master Recital

Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic in Cracow , Zwierzyniecka 1

Natalia Kawałek – mezzo-soprano
Marcin Kozieł – accompanist

90 minutes (with intermission)

Kup bilet
Concert version

The last recital with piano accompaniment will belong to Natalia Kawałek. The audience remembers well the young Polish mezzo-soprano from her impressive creation of Halka at this year’s edition of the Festival. In the upcoming edition she will showcase her programme titled In Love with Troublesfeaturing, among other things, Benjamin Britten’s and Kurt Weill’s songs. She will be accompanied by Marcin Kozieł.


Petr Eben - Šestero písní milostných 

1. Nocí milá
2. Summer is come
3. Unter der Linde
4. Du bist min
5. Non mi mandar messaggi
6. Ditez moi 

Benjamin Britten - Cabaret Songs

1. Truth about love
2. Funeral Blues
3. Johnny
4. Calypso 


Kurt Weill - selection of songs

1. Wie lange noch?
2. Bilbao Song
3. Surabaya Johnny 
4. Youkali
5. The saga of Jenny 

W. Bolcom - Cabaret Songs

1. Toothbrushtime
2. Black Max
3. George
4. Amor