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Staging performances

Staging performances

Jean-Philippe Rameau

Sjaron Minailo - directed stage design
Marek Toporowski - conductor
Eryk Makohon - choreography
Paweł Łyskawa - choreography assistant
Maarten Warmerdam - light
Szymon Komarnicki - assistant director

Eamonn Mulhall / Nathan Vale - Hyppolite
Nika Gorič - Aricie
Michaela Selinger - Phedre
Sylwia Olszyńska - Diane
Joanna Radziszewska-Sojka - Oenone
Jerzy Butryn - Theseus
Aleksander Kunach - Tisiphone 
Guillaume Delpech Figiel - Mercure 
Łukasz Klimczak - Pluto
Piotr Kwinta - Neptun
Michał Czerniawski, Przemysław Bałka - Parks
Anna Zawisza - Le Grande Pretresse

The Baroque Festival Orchestra of Krakow
Capella Cracoviensis choir


French Baroque is always a great challenge and an exciting field for experimentation. That is why the Krakow Festival Orchestra, an international ensemble of singers and director Sjaron Minailo join forces to enrich the creative sensitivity of people from all over the world with genius loci.