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Staging performances

04.02 19:00

Cassandra & Just

CRICOTEKA , Nadwiślańska 2-4

Staging performances

Benedetto Marcello

Łukasz Dulewicz - alto
Helena Poczykowska - alto
Sławomir Broś - bass

Marcin Światkiewicz - harpsichord
Konrad Górka - cello
Andreas Arend - theorbo

David Lang

Tomasz Cyz - director
Natalia Kitamikado - set design
Katarzyna Łuszczyk - light

Aldona Bartnik -soprano
Katarzyna Guran - soprano
Magdalena Łukawska - soprano
Joanna Stawarska - soprano
Dorota Dwojak-Tlałka - alto

Aneta Dumanowska - viola
Konrad Górka - cello
Tomasz Sobaniec - percussion


A story of war, destruction, death and mourning, as well as love, longing and community. A clash of a Baroque cantata based on excerpts from Homer's Iliad and Euripides' dramas, summarising the Trojan War, as well as Just – a choral song referring to the biblical Song of Songs and touching upon the difference between “you” and “I” in an act of love. Cassandra & Just serves as a sign of all times – after the wars waged by men, in the name of men’s affairs, after not listening to women’s warnings comes the time to mend this mutilated world exclusively by women.