The musical workup of the story of the White Rose, a German anti-Nazi resistance group, was attempted by Udo Zimmermann thrice. In the year 1967 he wrote an opera to the libretto of his brother, Ingo Zimmermann, a later version of which opera was developed in the subsequent year. For the staging at the Hamburg Opera in 1986 he was to introduce changes, however, instead he chose to compose a new opera on the same topic, this time with the libretto by Wolfgang Willaschek. A completely different work emerged: devoid of a plot and focused on the internal experiences of two protagonists – Scholl sibblings – just before their death. The staging presented during the Opera Rara Festival premiered at the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn, and its author, Anna Drescher, received for it in the European Opera-directing Prize in 2015 and the prize for the best staging of the Armel Opera Festival. Played by the Biel Solothurn Symphony Orchestra directed by Kaspar Zehnder.

The sponsors of the performance are: UBS and HUPAC

Sophie Scholl: Marion Grange
Hans Scholl: Wolfgang Resch

Director: Anna Drescher
Conductor: Kaspar Zehnder
Musical direction: Kaspar Zehnder
Stage design and costumes: Hudda Chukri

Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn


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