• Bridges instead of walls – presenting the programme of the Opera Rara 2020 festival

    These works come from different epochs and represent different styles, but are connected by a common thought. They make us wonder why we are so eager to build walls around us, what are the consequences of this, and what to do to build bridges instead of them. Olga Tokarczuk, the winner of last year’s Nobel […]
  • All the festival roads

    Between tradition and modernity The Festival was inaugurated by the premiere of Hippolyte et Aricie – Jean-Philippe Rameau’s lyrical tragedy directed by Sjaron Minailo. A great challenge of the French Baroque turned out to be a field for experimentation for a contemporary artist. The Israeli director created the spectacle with elegance worthy of France, all […]
  • A new musical world

    Baroque arias and old songs from distant lands The artist picked up a bold selection of arias from French Baroque opera, English masque and Spanish zarzuela, which comprised the main part of the concert programme, juxtaposing them with traditional songs from Peru, France and the British Isles. In addition to the classic “Greensleves” tune, we […]
  • The Song and the Beautiful. Adriana Kučerova’s recital

    Slavic sentimentalism The recital programme alternated between joyful and humorous songs, such as Z jednej strony Moravy Suchonia, which was repeated for an encore, as well as lyrically sentimental ones, including Dobrú noc, má milá – a song opening Dvořák’s V národním tónu. Adriana Kučerová has been familiar with folk repertoire from a very early […]
  • The power of expression and mood

    Highest-quality poetry For her recital in Krakow, the artist selected songs dating back to the 19th and 20th century tradition of leading musical styles – German Lied and French mélodie, which were composed to the best poems of their times. Performing songs to the poems by wordsmiths such as Lenau, Eichendorff, Heine, Goethe, Hugo, Verlaine […]
  • The songs of love

    Lyrical confessions The programme of her recital included songs by three great Russian composers: Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Sergei Rachmaninov. In total, it featured nineteen romances, lullabies and serenades presenting the different shades and states of love – infatuation, fulfilment, anticipation, longing, and torment. The repertoire, which the artist learned by heart, comprised a […]
  • Creation of Man according to Garbaczewski

    Limitations won’t limit the intensity of sound This chamber opera, composed by Philip Glass in 1980, is not at all reminiscent of his two earlier famous stage works: Einstein on the Beach and Satyagraha, with delightfully defined characters and a documentary plot. A madrigal opera, on the other hand, is not an opera in a […]
  • Psychology of emotions

    Masquerades, costumes and dangerous switches The carnival – the time of entertainment, masked balls, and… the Opera Rara Festival. A time when our social standards and rules cease to apply. Cosi fan tutte gets rid of this corset of moral obligations and injunctions. Farce, cynicism and irony are combined here with poetic undertones, while the […]
  • So as not to obscure the Sun with one’s shadow. Premieres of Cassandra and Just at Cricoteka

    Our contemporary Troy Tomasz Cyz managed to build a timeless dialogue around the cantata composed for alto and basso continuo, in which the mythical prophetess Cassandra tells the story of the final years of the Trojan War – a dialogue between the libretto and the poetry of contemporary authors: Anna Kamieńska, Zbigniew Herbert, Alice Oswald, […]


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