• The Study of Anxiety

    The history of the German anti-Nazi student organisation, which manifested their opposition against the authorities and called upon society to unite against the rulers has not been forgotten – and definitely not by the world of opera. Udo Zimmermann returned to the subject a couple of times. As a university student, he scored his brother’s […]
  • Is there anything to laugh at here?

    Sigismondo, with a libretto by Giuseppe Foppa, is based on its authors’ fantasy about Poland, which was nowhere to be found on the world maps at the time of its premiere in 1814. Using literary fiction, they showcased the universal themes of tolerance towards otherness and the impact of emotion on decision making. Trusting the […]
  • Weisse Rose – third time’s a charm

    We no longer know where the boundaries of what we call fascism, Nazism, xenophobia, chauvinism or nationalism actually are. What is this patriotism that the greatest authoritarians hide behind so willingly? Its true sense is recalled by the actions of the members of Weisse Rose – the White Rose – young patriots who wanted to […]
  • Unknown, I Live With You – opera against silence

    For many women, their participation in the Afghan Women’s Writing Project was a true breakthrough. As Roya recalls: I took up my pen to write and at first I was afraid: what to write? about what? But this was a project to write about everything, and I took the pen; I didn’t write from outside […]
  • Bridges, not walls, or art – innovation – integration

    Join us for the meeting kicking off the 2020 Opera Rara Festival, which will be attended by Robert Piaskowski (Representative of the Mayor of the City of Krakow for Culture), Nicholas Payne (director of the Opera Europa international association) and Karolina Sofulak (director of Vanda, one of the operas slated to be presented during the […]
  • Flavour-Filled Opera Rara

    Flavour-Filled Opera Rara is a project accompanying the Opera Rara Festival, which invites the audience to the table, partially as a way to complement the experience of the concert and make it fuller, thanks to the sense of taste. The previous editions of the festival offered a number of opportunities to sit at the table. […]
  • Il ballo delle Ingrate – a perverse morality play

    American soprano and university professor Caitlin Vincent published an article in the summer of 2019, and even its title gave rise to heated debates: “Opera Is Stuck in a Racist, Sexist Past, While Many in the Audience Have Moved On.” According to the author, classic works from the opera repertoire – pieces dating back to […]
  • Sigismondo’s ahistorical historicity according to Matejko. An interview with Krystian Lada.

    Tomasz Domagała: How does the story you’re adapting to the stage fit in with our times? Krystian Lada: When I start working on an opera I don’t know, I try to understand the composition structure of the work. And I’m not talking about musical composition, but about the deep structure of a given opera as […]
  • Seeking the AirPort. An interview with director Krystian Lada

    Tomasz Domagała: For this year’s Opera Rara Festival, in addition to Rossini’s Sigismondo, you also directed Unknown, I Live With You by Katarzyna Głowicka. Why take on two such different projects? Krystian Lada: The cooperation with Katarzyna Głowicka is the crowning achievement of our shared artistic path based on the belief that opera can be […]


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