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Fahmi Alqhai

Born in Seville, Spain, in 1976 to a Syrian father and Palestinian mother, Fahmi Alqhai is considered one of the most brilliant and prestigious young players of the viola da gamba in the world today, as well as one of the most recognised interpreters of early music, for his personal and communicative approach to historical repertories. While studying in Seville and Switzerland with Ventura Rico and Vittorio Ghielmi, he was invited to work with the most internationally-renowned early music ensembles such as Hespèrion XXI (Jordi Savall) and Il Suonar Parlante (Vittorio Ghielmi), and later with orchestras such as Spanish National Orchestra, Ensemble Vocal de Lausanne (Michael Corboz), Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla, and Al Ayre Español, among others. He has also made his entrance in the fields of contemporary music, as well as jazz, with artists such as Uri Caine.

He begins his career as a soloist specializing in the German repertoire for viola da gamba, recording Bach sonatas (2004). In 2002 he founds Accademia del Piacere with soprano Mariví Blasco, ensemble of which he is the director. With it Fahmi Alqhai regularly offers concerts in Europe, Japan, the United States and South America’s best concert halls. In 2012 Fahmi Alqhai wins the Giraldillo prize awarded to Best Music at the 2012 Sevilla Flamenco Biennial, for the music of his fourth CD “Las idas y las vueltas”, together with flamenco vocalist Arcángel. In 2016 he wins also the Giraldillo to the Innovation for Diálogos, with Rocío Márquez. In 2014 he records for Glossa his first CD for solo viol, “A piacere”, for the British magazine “Gramophone” an “ CD in which “he brings the instrument into a new realm of joyful potential”, and “a merry tribute to all [the viola da gamba] could have been, and still can be”. In 2016 he launches its most personal work as a soloist, “The Bach Album”, for the label Glossa. Fahmi Alqhai has also made numerous recordings for record labels such as Alia Vox, Glossa, Winter&Winter, Tactus, Arsis and Enchiriadis, as well as for television and radio in Europe, Asia and America. Since 2009, he is artistic director of the Early Music Festival of Seville (FeMAS), Spain’s oldest and most important early music festival.