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Agnieszka Drotkiewicz

A writer. The author of the novels  (Paris London Dachau, Dla mnie to samo (It is the same to  me), Teraz (Now), Nieszpory (Vespers)) as well as the collection of conversations (jointly with with Anna Dziewit - Głośniej! Rozmowy z pisarkami (Louder! Talks with the Writers), Teoria trutnia i inne (the Theory of the Drone and the others)); and on her own - Jeszcze dzisiaj nie usiadłam (I haven’t even sat today), Piano rysuje sufit (Piano scratches the ceiling)). She has conducted a voluminous interview with Dorota Masłowska,entitled: Dusza Światowa (World Soul). Jointly with Ewa Kuryluk she has published a book – a conversation Manhattan i Mała Wenecja (Manhattan and Little Venice) for which they were awarded the Warsaw Literary Premiere prize. She has been publishing in Dwutygodnik and Przekrój magazines, among others.